Why choose our Affiliate Program?

1. Peace of Mind

You are representing a brand people trust.

2. High Earning Opportunity

We represent a great earning opportunity for a serious affiliate. It is a 3 tier program with 90 days cookie and generous commission of 25%, 5% and 2% on sales for 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier respectively.

3. SEO safe and Affiliate Friendly links

We use Euraffiliates and it has brought revolutions in affiliate linking technology. Besides standard redirected and so-called SEO friendly links (URL rewritten but still redirected) our system provides a variety of direct linking options (Deep, Quick and Natural) to solve all possible linking problems.

4. Reliable Tracking & Best Reporting

You will get real time status reports so you can track your results and payments. You can even track every click, visitor and sales logs. A 100%  transparent system.

5. Advanced Ads and link type support

Apart from traditional ad-types you have options like data-feed, content widget, tell-a-friend tool and rotating ads and in all these you have got direct, deep linking options too. With quick linking option you can create your own links in seconds, just appending aid=[Your affiliate ID] in the query string.

Program Details

Commission Structure

Pay-Per-Sale 25%, 5% and 2% (L1+L2+L3).

Payout Requirements

10 GBP - Minimum balance required for payout. Less is carried forward.

Payout Duration

Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.

Cookie Duration

90 days

Cookie Overwrites

No (The first referrer is awarded)